Smith Kenyon - Strategy

Decisive Direction

All effective improvement is strategically led and aligned to the mission of the organisation. Your Strategy is the roadmap which your organisation follows to create value for everybody involved. Our approach will ensure that the strategies at all levels are fully aligned to the clarified expectations of the owners, the customers, the directors, the employees and all the stakeholders. From this base we will help you to build effective and efficient structures, processes and behaviours which deliver real business value.

Smith Kenyon - Supply Chain

Supply Chain
Liquid Growth

Your Supply Chain is the link between your Customers and your Suppliers. Your Supply Chain can be a business winning lever which drives sales growth, higher profitability and stronger cash flow. Supply Chain transformation starts with confirmation of the overall business strategy. We will design with you a supply chain optimised to fulfil your orders in a way which delights the customer and becomes a driver of profitable and liquid growth.

Smith Kenyon - Systems

Added Value

Effective processes are fully aligned to business strategies and mean that every minute spent is adding value to the business. IT is a great way to add pace and repeatability. We will help you to identify and eliminate non-value adding activities in your processes and then to apply IT to reduce transaction costs.