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Business Transformation

When your business is hungry for growth, must improve cash flow, wants more profit, desires an improved customer experience, needs to boost supply chain performance or is embarking on a major project we are here to help.

Any of these opportunities and challenges will stretch your existing organisation so this is exactly the right time to get some additional capacity and expertise to design and deliver the best results and to help your people develop.

Because your project duration is finite, the challenge is to secure the additional resource for as long as you need it without adding an expensive permanent head to your payroll.

At Smith Kenyon our forte is seeing quickly and clearly the problems and opportunities in a new situation and working with every member of your organisation at all levels to implement lasting improvements.  On a full time or part time basis Smith Kenyon will provide the surge of high quality resource your project needs to ensure that you fully exploit all your opportunities.
Smith Kenyon - Strategy
Decisive Direction

All effective improvement is strategically led and aligned to the mission of the organisation. Your Strategy is the roadmap which your organisation follows to create value for everybody involved. Read more >
Smith Kenyon - Supply Chain
Supply Chain
Liquid Growth

Your Supply Chain is the link between your Customers and your Suppliers. Your Supply Chain can be a business winning lever which drives sales growth, higher profitability and stronger cash flow. Read more >
Smith Kenyon - Systems
Added Value

Effective processes are fully aligned to business strategies and mean that every minute spent is adding value to the business. IT is a great way to add pace and repeatability.
Read more >